Dundas Street is changing. Over the next 35 to 40 years the number of people who live, work, learn and travel along the corridor is expected to increase. To manage this growth, the City of Mississauga is developing a long-term, future-oriented Master Plan for the Dundas Corridor. The plan will shape the future look and feel of Dundas, focusing on transit, land-use, and public space. But to get there, we need to hear from you. We held public meetings in April and asked residents  to participate and share  ideas, opinions, and local knowledge to help  develop a Dundas that better reflects your community needs.

What is the Dundas Corridor? Dundas is a super street, exemplifying the City of Mississauga’s diversity. Along the corridor, you’ll find stores, businesses, parks, schools, churches, and beautiful neighbourhoods.  Dundas is also a key part of Mississauga’s transportation network, with thousands of people using it every day to move around the City.

From end-to-end, the Dundas Corridor is 4 km wide and 17 km long, stretching from Oakville in the west, to Toronto in the east. The map below highlights “focus areas” that are home to key intersections and points of interest.


Dundas Connects map

What’s Next?  In the Fall, 2016 Planning Staff will review comments and input from residents, business owners and various agencies and seek feedback on different draft options. Following in the Winter of 2017, Planning Staff will present a draft proposed plan for Dundas that reflects the feedback received on the different options.  At this point, further resident involvement will be encouraged to ensure your voice is heard.

Follow our progress at www.dundasconnects.ca

Dundas Connects meeting