The following are some of the most frequently asked questions and concerns that come to my attention. For more detailed information, visit the City web site or call the appropriate department.

Does a dog have to be on a leash?
Q. Does the law require owners to clean up after their pets?
Q. Does my dog or cat need a license?
Q. Can I park a car on the part of a driveway between the sidewalk and the road?
Q. Can I park my car overnight on my street?
Q. If I have company staying overnight, will they get a ticket if they park on the street?
Q. Are school buses allowed to park on residential driveways?
Q. Are we allowed to park boats or trailers on driveways?
Q. Are residents allowed to do car repairs on their driveway?
Q. How high can I make my fence?
Q. I want to widen my driveway. Can I do this or do I need a permit?
Q. Are residents required to clear snow from their sidewalks?
Q. My neighbours make a lot of noise with stereos, etc. Is there anything I can do?
Q. My neighbour leaves junk all over his property. Is this allowed?
Q. My neighbour built a deck that I think is too big. What can I do?
Q. How many pets can a resident keep?
Q. My neighbour’s dog barks all the time. What can I do?