Re-Designed Winter Maintenance Website

A new and improved Winter Maintenance website will provide you with up-to-date information about winter maintenance operations please go to Winter Maintenance Website.

Winter Maintenance in Mississauga

The City’s winter maintenance program helps reduce hazards that winter weather can bring to us.  There are many operations and steps the City takes to help including roads, priority sidewalks, removing snow, salting and sanding of roads and offering a windrow program for qualifying seniors and persons with disabilities (application deadline ended Dec. 1st).

To ensure the success of the winter maintenance program, we need your assistance.  Please clear your driveway, sidewalk and steps to help people travel safely.  Help out an elderly or disabled neighbour by clearing their snow.  We also ask residents to follow our on-street parking restrictions, in effect from November 1 to March 31, from 2-6am.  Roads that are free of parked cars are easier to clear.

Snow Clearing Priority Roads

During a snowstorm, the first item on the list of plowing and salting are priority roads (major roads, arterial roads, and local collector) such as Burnhamthorpe Rd or Dundas St.  These roads are salted if the snow is less that eight (8) cm (3 inches).

Residential Roads

Local streets are not plowed immediately during a snow event.  These streets are plowed after priority roads are clear. Our first priority is safety and access to emergency vehicles and transit.  After priority roads are serviced, focus switches to residential roads, priority sidewalks (sidewalks on priority roads or on bus routes) and bus stops.

Local residential roads are not cleared to bare pavement but made safe and driveable.  Cul de sacs, roads with 90 degree bends and dead end streets are left to the end of the snow clearing operations because they require a different plow that can easily manoeuvre sharp corners.

Level of Service after the end of a snowfall:

To see the chart for level of service please click on the link:  Winter Maintenance – Level of Service

During a snowstorm keep up-to-date on the City’s snow clearing by:

Following us on Twitter

Checking the Live Updates page

Calling the Information Snow Line at 905-615-SNOW (7669)

available 24 hours, 7 days a week

Following the end of a snowstorm event, if there are concerns with road conditions please contact 311 or (905-615-4311 outside city limits).

While the Storm is Ongoing – Within Service Levels

During a snow storm, please remind residents that all Works staff and contracted equipment/resources are dedicated to clearing roads, priority sidewalks and bus stops. For winter maintenance status updates, you can refer residents to a number of different channels:

  • Mississauga Roads App
  • Winter Maintenance Website (
  • Twitter (@MississaugaSnow)
  • Snow Information Line (905-615-SNOW)

Any requests for service or complaints that are received by your office while we are still within service levels should be forwarded by email to TW-SWAT (internal only). These service requests will be assigned a tracking number and will be investigated and addressed once service levels are met. Please do not respond to operational status updates or forward requests for service directly to staff as this does not allow for the proper tracking and response.

Urgent Access Considerations

Requests for “Urgent Access Considerations” may be requested by Emergency Services, Peel Police and Mississauga Fire and a response will be coordinated with Works Operations.

A resident may call requesting urgent access to, for example, a chemotherapy treatment or a dialysis appointment. Urgent Access does not include doctor or dentist appointments, etc. Please note that we cannot commit to any type of action as Works staff may not be able to meet the citizen’s request. Each call is assessed on a case-by-case basis and Works staff will try to find a suitable solution. If residents are experiencing an emergency situation, 911 should be contacted immediately.

For Urgent Access Considerations, please send an email request to TW-SWAT during business hours. For after-hours requests, contact TW Dispatch