Update: November 8, 2017

Committee of Adjustment Decision – October 26, 2017 – Approved (On Condition) – Notes begins on page 2 of the document.


Committee Of Adjustment Notice Of Application.  File: “B” 24/16 Ward 3  

for more information on the Committee of adjustment please see link below.

Committee of adjustment 

Update: Jan 4, 2016

The rezoning application for the lands at the southeast corner of Bloor Street and Dixie Road (1440 Bloor Street) that went to Planning and Development Committee on April 2, 2013 and then was approved by the Ontario Municipal Board in their decision issued September 25, 2013 has just had the final Order issued by the Board on December 3, 2015 as they have finalized the Development Agreement which was a condition of the Ontario Municipal Board’s earlier decision. There is a current site plan application under review by the City for landscape improvements and parking lot modifications for the existing apartment lands, however, the City has not yet received any application for the future townhomes along Tyneburn Crescent.


Update for September 2015

My office has been advised that Tapes Investments have just submitted a site plan for the landscape and parking improvements on the retained apartment site at 1440 Bloor Street under file SP 15/090 W3.  This application went through a Rezoning application under file OZ 11/012 W3 and was ultimately approved at the Ontario Municipal Board. While that approval will eventually allow for townhomes along Tyneburn Crescent (at the rear), the property has not been severed, nor has a site plan been submitted for the townhomes. That will have to be a separate application and must not be approved until the improvements are approved for the retained apartment site under this new site plan application.


The Rezoning application under OZ 11/012 W3 which was approved by Council but is in standing with the Ontario Municipal Board as the applicant had appealed the application for failure to make a decision within 120 days. Within staff’s recommendations and Council’s approval there was a requirement that a Property Standards and Build Audit be done to ensure compliance with the Property Standards By-law, and that the City’s Compliance and Licencing Enforcement Section confirm that the standards are met prior to site plan approval. At the Ontario Municipal Board Hearing on June 5, 2013 there was a mini-hearing to hear from the parties and a couple of residents concerned. The parties requested that the Board withhold its Order until we have a Development Agreement entered into with the applicant and have resolution on the above noted requirement for Property Standards Compliance.  The City is still awaiting the Board’s decision.

The City’s Compliance Section has done a full inspection of the property and has prepared a written analysis of the property which determined that it was in compliance with the Property Standards By-law, thus clearing the above noted condition.

To see the Information Report for the Rezoning Application to permit ten (10) street townhouse dwellings and maintain the existing apartment building at 1440 Bloor Street (southwest corner of Bloor St. and Dixie Rd)

OZ 11/012 W3.

Report to Planning & Development on April 2, 2013 – See report below


Ontario Municipal Board’s website –  Under E-status type in the case # PL130052 it will  provides an update on the status of the case.