1855 Bloor Street Site Plan Application

C of A Application – A-64/15 W3

Some concerns that were brought up by residents at the Feb. 18th meeting:

  • That the MiWay stop on the west side of Bloor St at Bridgewood be moved to the east side.  Below is the response from MiWay regarding the feasibility of moving this bus stop.

A request to the MiWay Service Development was also received from an apartment building located in the community requesting the stop be relocated due to littering and passengers waiting inside the building and further suggesting that the Bloor Street should be widened to accommodate a nearside bus bay.

MiWay’s Service Development staff have reviewed the area in question and provide the following comments:

Stop #1341 was installed many years ago and until now, no complaints have been received about its location. The stop is currently served by Route 3-Bloor (west) which has the following daily ridership levels (Fall-2014):

Day                        ON                       OFF

Weekday                         94                          31

Saturday                         48                          21

Sunday                            21                          11

The level of passenger activity at the stop is significant and reflective of the demographics of the area. Far side stops for busy routes and busy stops improve the travel experience for riders as the bus can proceed once the bus has finished loading. This reduces travel time which encourages transit use and improves efficiency saving cost for riders and taxpayers.

The concerns raised by the apartment building residents relate to passengers loitering in the building foyer as well as littering. Although a shelter is located at Stop #1341 to protect passengers from the elements the recent weather conditions have set records for the coldest February in recent history which have likely led to passengers taking refuge in the building foyer.

In respect to littering, there is a garbage can located adjacent to the stop which is regularly emptied by regional garbage collection staff. Unfortunately, during the winter season even when garbage is placed in receptacles, winter storms and wind can result in garbage being blown across the City. Come spring, cleaning up the garbage is an annual occurrence whereby both City staff and residents work together to deal with the impacts of winter.

From MiWay’s perspective, there are no operational or safety concerns associated with the location of stop #1341 and as such, they have no plans to relocate the stop at this time.

When a stop is moved, to the extent possible unless there are safety concerns with a stop location (operations or passenger concerns), MiWay strives to align stop relocations/moves and consolidations with other roadway works that are going on in the area to provide a coordinated effort and minimize costs. In consultation with staff from T&W’s Transportation and Infrastructure Planning section, MiWay staff is advised that there are currently no plans for roadway resurfacing works along Bloor Street near the Toronto border.

This aside, Service Development staff along with a consulting team, are working on MiWay Five, a five year service plan for transit service improvements that will bring about improved and more efficient services once implemented. To accomplish this, routes will be merged and streamlined so frequencies and service hours can be improved without dramatically increasing costs. Standards and best practices for stop placement and locations will be reviewed and may result in consolidated stop locations, stop moves and in some cases, stop removals.

With the completion of the MiWay 5 – Five Year Service plan later this year, and the impact this could have on our stop placement, staff have no plans to relocate stop 1341 at this time.


  • Parking and speeding issues on Bridgewood due to the school areas.  I have contacted Parking Control and Peel Regional Police to monitor and enforce all traffic issues in this area.


Presentation given to residents February Wednesday, Feb. 18th by Timbercreek Communities:  1855-Bloor-Information-Session-Presentation-16-02-15

Contact information for Timbercreek Communities:
Mr. Roly Morris, President
416-306-9967 ext 7233
Mr. Gregory Jones
Director of Development


There is a site plan application in process for the construction of a 4 storey rental apartment building containing 80 units at 1855 Bloor Street. The property is located at the northeast corner of Bloor Street and Bridgewood Drive abutting Etobicoke Creek and the boundary with the City of Toronto. The site is currently occupied by an existing 11 storey rental apartment building containing 133 units, which will remain. The parking and landscaped areas will be reconfigured to accommodate the new 4 storey apartment along the Bloor Street frontage. As the proposal conforms with the City’s Official Plan, which allows for infill development of low rise apartment dwellings and a maximum height of 4 storeys on the property, no amendment is required. Similarly, the proposal falls within the City’s Zoning By-law density limits for the lands, and therefore do not require a Rezoning. The result is that only a site plan application is required to work out the design of the building, which is not a public process and doesn’t require Council approval. A minor variance application will likely required for a minor reduction in parking to allow for a larger landscaped space.

The Owner is hosting an Open House on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at 7pm at 1867 Bloor Street in the Common Room. I will be in attendance to hear details of their Site Plan Application.