CofAAgendaMar26_2015.130pmC of A-A 53/15 (Ward 1)

At the June 11th C of A meeting the application was withdrawn.

Click on the link below to view the Revised Hearing Date:  Committee of Adjustment Notice of Public Hearing

A053 Jun 11 Revised.

April 30th Update:  The Secretary/Treasurer of the C of A has advised my office that he has received confirmation from the applicant that they will be withdrawing the application on June 11th.  They will advise any owner or residents that phones in that they have a withdrawal request on file in their office and that they are not proceeding.

APRIL 27TH UPDATE:  R. Henderson Inc have avised that they are not going to proceed with the Committee of Adjustment approvals, and anticipate that they will simply withdraw the application on June 11th.  An update will be provided following the June 11th meeting.

The Planning Consultant requested a deferral to June 11 – granted by Committee.  Committee suggested applicant host a community meeting for area residents and both Councillors.


 Planning Staff comments




The application proposes two waste types to be processed at the facility.  They currently have permission to process ‘construction and demolition’ waste (waste that one would commonly see from demolition such as drywall, wood, plaster, shingles, bricks).  We do not anticipate odour impacts from this waste type.

The second type is processing of ‘petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil’, meaning soil that that has been contaminated by oil and gasoline.  Usually this is soil from a former gas station or industrial property.  The soil will be remediated on site.  This involves placing the soil in piles on a concrete pad in the building.  The indoor environment is controlled to create conditions for microbial growth, some nutrients are added, and the piles of soil are aerated by forcing air through perforated pipes at the base of the piles.

City staff are presently reviewing the proposal and considering what impacts may occur to residential properties in the vicinity.

No incineration or hazardous waste processing is proposed.

Please note that the provincial planning act requires the City to notify all property owners only within 60m of the subject property. Staff have substantially increased the circulation area to 800m in this circumstance at the request of Councillors Fonseca and Tovey in efforts to broaden public participation and to help interested residents such as yourself voice your concerns.

Additionally the City is required to have the public hearing notices in the mail  10 days before the hearing and a notification sign displayed on the property advising of such an application.

If you have further concerns with the Committee of Adjustment process please contact Dave Martin – Secretary-Treasurer of the Committee of Adjustment. 905-615-3200 * 5433