I have frequently been asked by residents to provide information on how the planning and development process works.  The Planning Department has created a very helpful and interactive page on the City’s website which I would like to make you all aware of.

The Planning and Building Department is responsible for processing the following types of development applications:

The Department’s Planning Services Centre is a dedicated team of planners that can help you with any questions you may have regarding a potential development application. Staff can provide information about City policies and procedures; direction regarding the appropriate application stream; the facilitation of preliminary meetings; application requirements for potential development applications; and, the application submission procedures.

Available on-line are various documents and resources such as the City’s Official Plan, Zoning By-law, Site Plan Control By-law and  DevCostGuidelines_Feb2014 Typical Development Cost Guideline, which can assist you in preparing your application submission.

On the website is an interactive map that displays the location of development applications in the City of Mississauga. All that is required is to click on an application to view details on the application which will be updated on a monthly basis for active development applications and for applications that have been approved in the last 18 months.